Copyright IB-Westphal Maschinenträger Fluchttreppe Krahnbahn Form für Stromschiene Geräteträger Maschinenfundament • Visualization and simmulation of processes (e.g. SAB Barth GmbH, Ostseestaal GmbH Stralsund) • Development and design of new solutions to drive wind turbines from different manufacturers of Europe and Asia • Technical layout / design of award-winning planning windpowerstation ( dot award “best of    the  best”) • Tracking systems for photovoltaics different operators, development of new propulsion concepts and their constructive    Implementation concepts for photovoltaic systems • Production planning and project management in the construction of production facilities in Europe and Asia • Development of power distribution systems / busbar systems (e.g. Vibitech GmbH Berlin) • Steel construction / sub-structures for electrical engineering for / with partner companies (e.g. IB-Tzschoppe Stralsund) • Engineering of steel stairs Cittytunnel Leipzig for flz Stahl- und Metallbau Lauterbach GmbH • Engineering of facade elements Militärhistorisches Museum Dresden • Detailed design crane rail system for Metallbau Gehrt Miltzow • Hoists, ramps and equipment for the disabled and wheelchair users (various patent applications)